Welcome to “Life in Madinah,” a captivating lifestyle blog chronicling the remarkable journey of Fahim, a digital nomad and Dr Safi, a cardiologist in Madinah.

Hailing from the vibrant land of Bangladesh, Fahim’s adventurous spirit led him to make a life-altering decision in 2020 – to uproot his existence and settle in the enchanting city of Madinah, alongside his cherished family.

Our mission

After meticulous planning and unwavering determination, Fahim’s dream materialized in July 2022, as he embarked on his long-awaited expedition to Madinah.

This blog is a captivating narrative of his transformational voyage – an open book sharing the highs, lows, and invaluable insights gained during this remarkable transition.

Our vision

From the intricacies of adapting to a new culture and overcoming the initial shock, to the exhilaration of being able to visit the illustrious Masjid An Nabawi on a daily basis, Fahim’s storytelling paints a vivid tapestry of his experiences.

Join us as we delve into his challenges, triumphs, and the unique flavor of his everyday life in Madinah.